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Shhh....Quiet.... I need to think!

Did you ever hear someone say?… “Quiet! I need to think.”

Social media is like that for me.I have to turn it off to hear what I think, not what the pundits say, not what the “news media” says..just what I am thinking and feeling that day. Especially in the morning, if I tune into facebook or the news too early, I forget what I was thinking and feeling when I woke up. I forget my list. I forget my dreams. I forget my inspirations. What an insidious thief! What a ubiquitous liar and robber of creativity, originality and beyond that our connection to the divine within.

Other people’s thoughts is what media is all about. It’s only other people’s thoughts. “News” is fed to us in polarities to create feelings, thoughts and points of view, as if they were the only logical correct options and our own original thoughts.

I have a friend who says.. “They shouldn’t call it news, but call it …that really bad shit that you hope doesn’t happen to you” Mostly I agree.

My mind and heart are not so polarized. I am filled with interesting contradictions, subtleties and nuances. I don’t like being told what to do or how to think. So I take the news for what it is… somebody else’s thoughts…someone’s programming for me.

A.I. is used to target you… specifically to you, to influence your thoughts, feelings and opinions about everything. A.I.’s biggest job is to track and influence your thoughts and more importantly your actions.

People, especially young people think, all there is to know is on the internet. These days we rely on a machine, the media machine really, to tell us what we think, what is culturally acceptable and what is worth “buying” into. It’s incredibly naive to think everything we need to know or experience is inside this machine.

It is an amazing tool, the internet. Young people aptly use the phrase “tool’’ to refer to a person who was been used and made a weapon by the powerful, subjugated in his thoughts, feelings and spirit. Even though this tool, this machine keeps us superficially connected in this time of disconnection, it diminishes the quality of our connections. And it steals our data to use against us.

We are all recovering from PTSD from the psychological gauntlet of the election. We are all maxed out on news infotainment wars. I recommend standing back from the day to day, play by play news, drama, trauma, weaponized information. Nothing changes that quickly.

The next biggest cultural revolution will come when we can disconnect from the machines and get back to being together in person, meeting in living rooms and public venues without being tethered to our phones, having our own real time thoughts feelings and emotions. How refreshing it will be!

No matter how you feel about the pandemic’s veracity, we need each other. We have seen the damage to the economy and damage to our social lives from the pandemic fall out. We need real connection, energy and communication that only comes from humans being together in person. The subtle energies that pass through our mirror neurons, our hearts and our nervous system, these things are real, juicy and cannot qualitatively be replaced by a machine. I look forward to these times.

Discovery and inspiration happen when your mind is quiet also when people get together free from “the influencer” - the machine. Thoughts come from somewhere… perhaps the divine infinity, the black velvet void of dark matter. If you want a real connection, turn off that machine, make the call, go outside or sit quietly by yourself or with someone and see what happens.


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