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Water Ripple

When you have a health problem start with the simple solutions first.

We recommend you "Try the butter knife before using the chain saw."


Acupuncture, herbal medicine, therapeutic exercises, shiatsu, meditation, dietary counseling, allergy testing, detoxification and other adjunct therapies provide first step solutions to your healthcare issues.

They have the least side effects and are often more cost effective in the long run.

Perhaps you are one of those people who has tried everything else and nothing has worked, then acupuncture herbal medicine and the rest are good methods to come back to.


Many people find great relief with alternative health care methods after trying conventional approaches.

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About Lisa

I grew up in Berks County, Pennsylvania​ surrounded and inspired by the bounty of nature, on my parents' little farm. I experienced a personal and local culture of mind body healing.


My Mother was interested in herbs, natural medicines and hunted mushrooms.


My Father practiced meditation. I flourished in a local community  grounded in the "back to the land" movement.


The  nature loving lifestyle of this era helped me develop the necessary awareness needed to be a good doctor, healer and human being.


One of my first jobs was as a tour guide at The Rodale Organic Experimental Farm.

The proximity to Rodale Press created a culture of holistic health, natural living and creativity.


It was a time of creative renaissance with optimism, a sense of freedom and individualism.


I've traveled around the world studying various forms of healing, to come back to my roots, here in Pennsylvania to live and practice a natural healthy life.


I studied Environmental Science as an undergrad.


I worked with the best environmentalists and ecologists of the era including Barry Commoner, The Jacques Cousteau Society and the New York Attorney Generals' Office in the Bureau of Environmental Protection.

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My interest turned to nutrition and health when I got sick in college.


This ultimately lead me back to a focus on my own personal environment.I changed my diet, studied Macrobiotics, shiatsu and that lead me to Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.


Natural health and healing is our birth right. We need to nurture, nourish and protect our health, our environment and the Earth.


I am committed to helping people learn to live in harmony with nature creating health through natural means.

I am concerned with helping you maintain a healthy environment from your micro-biome or gut flora to the external factors of your diet, home ecology, relationships, lifestyle etc..


If you strengthen your internal system, it is easier to deal with the stresses of the external environment.


Healing is partnership.


I use my skills to help you cleanse, balance and nourish your system back to health, mind, body and spirit.


Healing is a journey. The most successful patients are committed to their own health.


With the right can be the best journey of your life.

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My practice of holistic medicine comes from the love of nature, healthy living, and natural cures.

I look forward to working with you!

Water Ripple


• B.A. Environmental Studies
• B.S. Health Science
• M.P.S. in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine​
• Licensed in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Pennsylvania 
• Nationally Board Certified

• Certified in Autonomic Response Testing

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