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Client Testimonials


"Set aside, Lisa Baas being an amazing acupuncturist and healer, I was blessed to have her as a necessary turning point in a very difficult pregnancy.

I was debilitatingly sick. I was nervous about who was growing inside of me because I was so ill, I was certain we wouldn’t vibe after her birth. The potential reality of that terrified me.

Lisa and I did a  BABYTALK-Applied Psycho-Neurobiology Session which opened a channel for my baby to communicate her own experience.  She didn’t just share this for me to process mentally. She used pressure on meridians to release these emotions from my body, hence through “our” bodies.

I was about seven months when I went to Lisa. Lisa gave me an outlet to release any fears I had around what was to come, and in doing so, established an intimacy between a mother to a child I have never known. That experience taught me the art of true listening.

My daughter was born, my first vaginal delivery after two c-sections. We communicated clearly, every step of the way. In deep communion for over thirty six hours of labor with her, I knew had I not gotten her messages in utero.


We’ll never be who we would’ve been had I not been gifted a channel to “see” who she was in Spirit that day in Lisa’s office. I would’ve been terrified of her and treated her as such (because we didn’t vibe).


But…we vibe. We totally vibe. I’ll never be able to thank Lisa enough for opening me…to my daughter."

Stacey from Emmaus, PA

"I have been treated by Lisa Baas for several years.  During the past few months I have been bothered by pain in my left leg, especially in the morning.  

Lisa gave me two cupping treatments with amazing results. My leg is not as tight as before and I have increased mobility. There is less discomfort overall. 

I intend to continue these treatments and to continue to improve."

Mary Anne from Allentown, PA

"Acupuncture and herbal remedies have given me relief from tinnitus which physicians told me was incurable.


The loud intermittent clicking sounds in my right ear have totally ceased.Thank you ,Lisa" 

DK from Richlandtown, PA

"I am forever thankful to be under Lisa's care as she delves deep beyond what Western medicine can do for us, and discovers and then heals the physical and emotional dis-"eases" that continue to elude the mainstream practitioners."

JM from Allentown, PA


"i have sought relief for several years through traditional medicine for a lump in my throat.Many medical tests were performed over a 2 year period but disclosed no evidence of an actual lump in my throat. Two frightening episodes followed where food became lodged in my throat.I went to see Lisa Baas for an acupuncture session.


She immediately told me that a lump sensation is quite commonly known as "plum it chi" She prescribed Chinese tea and dietary changes.Within two days of taking he tea, the lump sensation was gone.


I stopped taking prilosec. Since then I have had no "lump" problems.I am grateful that this problem was so easily identified and resolved by Lisa!" 

DS from Quakertown, PA

Lisa is an amazing healer. I am eternally grateful to her for being able to help me. Blood work failed to get to the source of the rapid decline in my health. I drove eleven hours to see Lisa in hopes that she could help me. I had been to her for acupuncture and the results were incredible. I have had many acupuncturists who are awesome, but Lisa Baas is truly the best!

Lisa performed Autonomic Response Testing on me and was immediately able to detect the biggest problem causing me numerous issues. She put me on an herbal protocol and within a week I started feeling better than I had in several years. I continue to see her once a month and my health continues to progress. Each time I leave, I am feeling more and more like my happy and old young at heart self.

I am so thankful for Lisa’s knowledge skill and compassion.

Linda from Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

"Through the transitions of my life (health concerns), I have revisited acupuncture/oriental medicine with Lisa, many times. I have found my experiences with Lisa to always be caring, gentle, intuitive and accurate in uncovering health issues I may have missed without her wise assessments.

As I reflect on my many acupuncture sessions with Lisa, I find myself giggling, since I am very uncomfortable with needles. The power of acupuncture has made it possible for me to overcome the fear. Most importantly, it is Lisa's caring, gentle, skillful knowledge that makes acupuncture beneficial for me.

Lisa is an excellent communicator/educator. At the conclusion of our sessions I feel clear regarding what is going on for me and what I need to do for greater self-care.

I am confident and grateful for the experiences I have had and continue to have with Lisa. I welcome and encourage anyone to seek Lisa' s counsel and seasoned knowledge to achieve greater wellness , ease and peace."

From MB in Bethlehem, PA

"I came to Lisa months after having covid and after I got no relief from conventional medicine. My symptoms were insomnia, anxiety, pulsations down my legs, and also an old neck injury.


She is very knowledgeable and has been a tremendous help. I received acupuncture and different types of natural medicines. I am feeling much better today thanks to her help."

Steve W from Topton, PA

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