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Lisa Baas Living Arts Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine: Fall Announcements!

We wish you the best during the fall season and hope you are enjoying the foliage colors and fresh air!

Here are our fall announcements and specials!

We are stocked up with herbal medicines and supplements to help you prepare for the cold and flu season. We have some great Vitamin D, Zinc, Guna Citomix and Guna Virus, and Guna Flu. We have lots of Elderberry Elixer for treatment of cold and flu and Chinese Herbal medicines for boosting immune function. I've got medicinal mushrooms, Organic CBD and our homemade bitters will soon be back in stock. Bitters are great for keeping your digestion and detoxification optimized. We also stock great remedies for allergies and hay fever!

I have just found the best pro-biotic on the market to help with leaky gut. MegasporeBiotic is the best probiotic available. It helps recondition the digestive system. You need a healthy gut to heal and recover from most health concerns and conditions! Call for more info and how to order!

We can get you tuned up for the holidays with

acupuncture and support your health with great products!

You can order most products anytime from Wellevate. It's the online web store you can find on my website You’ll get a 15% discount and free shipping over $49.95! Support your local business and buy small! Some products you can only get from our brick and mortar clinic.

Research shows acupuncture boosts the immune system and puts you in the rest and digest to heal faster. If you want to try something new…. Here are some therapies you might want to try. They are discounted now through the month of November.

Dolphin Neuro-Stim - The Dolphin Neuro-Stim reduces pain and inflammation quickly and effectively! It energizes the cells after trauma, injury, surgery and fatigue. It reduces scar tissue. The Dolphin recharges cellular batteries for regeneration. $110 with acupuncture! Or $55 alone.

Cranial Energy Stimulation- CES offers brainwave integration. Subtle frequencies help balance right and left sides of brain hemispheres for better creativity, nervous system function and systemic integration. CES therapy is supportive for conditions like anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury and more. Synchronize your brain. Ear clips deliver the therapy. $10/ 30 minutes with acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture Ear Seeds – Battlefield ear needles for quick pain relief- utilized by the military for severe acute pain.

$15/ear with acupuncture.

We wish you a health and happy holiday season!

Stay well!

Lisa Baas


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