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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Some people think Chinese Herbal Medicines are weird, foreign, unknown herbs..Actually most of the herbs that are used in Chinese Medicine, with the exception of a few rare species, are common herbs found here in the U.S. They are mostly the same herbs used by western herbalists, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors. Tumeric or curcumin is a great example. This herb has been recognized and utilized by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for centuries. The public has just recently become aware of its benefits..The same is true for the therapeutic use of mushrooms. Chinese herbal medicines contain the experience and wisdom of the ages. They also undergo strict testing for contaminants and heavy metals. Of course, buying from a reputable source is always key. Chinese herbal formulas are sophisticated blends of ingredients specific to your condition. It is best to consult your herbalist when seeking help for any condition. Know that herbalists need between 2-4 years of education to get their training and certification degrees. Herbs contain sophisticated plant wisdom from nature to cleanse, balance and nourish you back to health. It is only through our balanced relationship and partnership with nature that we are created and kept healthy.


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