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Best lifestyle Hacks and trends of 2020!

Best Health and Life Style Trends and Products of 2020

Briotech- Hypochlorus Acid spray uses the body’s natural salt defense system molecule to kill even the smallest virulent microbes while being safe enough for babies, all skin surfaces and mucosal wound healing. Briotech reduces wrinkles and helps stop bleeding. It stimulates immunity to germs. HOCI acts as a disinfectant for surfaces. The handy hand sanitizer also soothes skin, burns, and wounds. Briotech is antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial. It helps with scarring and many skin issues. What more could you want from a spray?

Dolphin Neuro Point Stimulation- in my experience, is the best pain relieving stim therapy available. It delivers Direct Energy Current to recharge the cellular batteries in your tissues. It recharges the circuitry and turns the lights on of metabolism delivering nutrition and removing waste. It reduces inflammation leading to nearly instant pain reduction. Effective for pain, stenosis, scar regeneration treatments and much more. The Dolphin inputs DC current into the whole body, recharging, relaxing and delivering a state of rest and digest for maximum healing and regeneration.

Plasmalogen Oil is the latest in neurological health. Plasmalogen has been shown to be a critical lacking phospholipid nutrient in the development of Alzheimers, memory issues and certain cancers. Plasmalogen oil has been shown to be an effective treatment for memory related issues and neurological degeneration. Reduction of 75% of Alzheimer’s patients symptoms with certain genotypes have been researched and confirmed.

Guna Low Dose Medicine has shown to be a highly effective and effective choice. Guna medicines stimulate the psycho -neuro- endocrine -immune axis with low dose messaging of interleukins. Bioidentical interleukins reduce inflammatory processes found in all aspects of disease. It can be a very helpful adjunct therapy for people who are already on many medications and are still looking for relief. Guna low dose medicines incorporate homeopathic ingredients, so you know it is safe and effective with no side effects!

Spore Probiotics have shown to be the most effective form of support for gut microbiota. Spore probiotic regenerate the gut. Gut healing is synonymous with Earth healing as we have both suffered degradation by the use of chemicals.

Life Wave patches are a revolutionary concept of mirroring your own biophoton and frequency energies back to the body for healing. Life wave patches have been proven to aid the body in recovery, stopping pain, helping the skin. They activate stem cells for regeneration. Strength endurance, flexibility, cellular function, heart rate variability and glutathione production all show sign of improvement with LifeWave patches.

The outdoors- people discovered the great outdoors again because everything else was closed. Parks trails were never so busy as this year. Getting outside is one of the greatest benefits for body mind and spirit wellness. Earth energy and sunlight regenerate our cells and give us peace of mind.

Herbal medicine has proven once again to be effective for the most serious diseases. Herbal medicine was used effectively in China during the early days of the covid outbreak by hospital health workers to prevent and treat viral infection. It is used in the U.S. by savvy consumers, health care practitioners and herbalists. Herbal medicine is a great choice when options are limited in standard of care practices.

Vitamins- people re-discovered how important vitamin D, C and zinc could be for lifesaving effects. Vitamin companies were out of stock during the early days of the pandemic due to people loading up on immune boosting vitamins and supplements.

Biophoton modulation, lasers, near and far infa red. People are discovering the benefits of energy medicine with increased usage of laser technology, far and near infa-red light to improve blood circulation, detoxification, wound healing, relaxation, immune boosting, strengthening of the cardiovascular system and cancer support. Whether its laying on a mat, in a sauna or resting in front of a light therapy bulb, light therapies are being recognized as critical components of natural healing and wellness. These technologies are available for home use or can be found in special spas and health centers.

If you want to know more, schedule a consultation or treatment with these exclusive products and technologies Call my office! 610.841.9300.


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