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Before Dawn

Before dawn

in bed

watching my mind wander

thoughts and words

paths of neurons firing

Forging, feeling possibility

Imagining today, yesterdays and tomorrows

how the Aborigines used to

sing the world into existence

by singing the words

into their children

and each other

sacred memories

songs of




navigation and astronomy

healing and hunting

talking with animals

reading the sand

ancient secrets

of life

celebration and survival

The Universe is One song

In the beginning was the word

In the end will be none

What words and songs have we sung?

And which do we sing today?

It is almost as if all of the songs have collapsed

Into a din so loud and unpleasant no one can stand it anymore

And the world is collapsing from songs we refuse to hear

and songs too painful or fearful as yet to sing

the din may drive us to despair and ruin

like sand castles falling in the wind

only silence and a pure heart song will raise the dying

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