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Auto Immunity and Self Attack

I have learned to think about auto immune issues like this: The human body knows there is a toxin within (usually microbial overload, environmental toxin, inflammatory food or medicine). But it can't find or identify it..(toxins linger hidden in tissues, microbes hide away from the circulatory system and cloak themselves in fibrin or biofilm). The detox mechanisms are turned off, blocked or weak. So the body sends out a shot gun approach of inflammatory cells to cover the whole situation..MAST Cell syndrome, CIRS, (chronic inflammatory response syndrome), FIBRO. You know the conditions by many names. It could be HEAD ACHE, DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE! Inflammation is the underlying process of most chronic illness. The larger social body of our society is similar. Imbalanced individuals know there is something wrong and they use the shotgun approach. What to do? On the personal level, be open to the idea of cleansing and detox, regulating your body's functional abilities. One sign of inflammation is a swollen face. You can see many of the TV chef's are hardly recognizable from their younger selves. Their faces are puffy. But one doesn't have to have a swollen face to have inflammation. Other signs could be pain, fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, depression. Just know that inflammation is the underlying cause of much chronic illness. And you can reset your immune system and stop your body from attacking itself with anti inflammatory diet, detox and re-balancing! Call my clinic for more information!


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