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Boost immunity by healing the gut

Rebuilding your gut lining can be the first defense for greater immunity. The phenomena known as leaky gut happens when the mucous membranes in your digestive system get weak..Contributing factors are allergy medicines, anti histamines, steroids, birth control pills, junk food, chemicals and pesticides and a disturbed micro-biome. To heal leaky gut one must reduce and perhaps eliminate inflammatory foods for at least 8 weeks..such as sugar, wheat, dairy, corn, soy, tree nuts, shell fish, sometimes fish and of course all junk foods. Dietary variety is the biggest help because people get sensitive to foods they regularly consume or over consume, like eggs and chicken, for example,.

Healing the gut happens once you reduce inflammatory foods and gut permeability, balance the micro-biome- (making sure you have good flora and no overgrowth of bad microbes) and then restore the gut wall lining and intestinal integrity. Once this happens, stress is taken off of the immune system. Food gets absorbed properly and waste gets eliminated. Stress gets taken off of the drainage and detoxification systems of the body. The garbage cans are being effectively emptied and so the immune system has a chance to work properly to fight off infection. There are many supplements and foods and herbs that help heal the gut lining. L-glutamine and colostrum are just two. You can find these on the Wellevate web store and Sovereign Labs web store portal found on the products page tab. You'll receive 15% off and free shipping over $49.95. If you set up an appointment we can test you for food sensitivities and set you up with the appropriate gut healing protocol!

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