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Righteous indignation

The Daily Clearing:

Resentment: “bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly”…

Healing intentions: Kindness/Love

Friendly/ generous/ considerate

Today’s clearing is about the feeling of resentment. It is easy to understand why the feeling of resentment is in the air. Humanity is rising up with the feelings of bitter indignation, in support for the many who have been treated unfairly.

While the healing intentions to help transform resentment are kindness, generosity, respect and love, we must remember there are times when indignation is essential for transformation. The key here, is to let go of any feelings that are destabilizing you.

If resentment is consuming you, and you wish to find a better calm, take a deep breath and visualize letting go of all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions related to resentment and bitter indignation. Allow the feelings of righteous indignation to take seat in your heart. Stand up in love, for love, kindness, respect and justice. Allow kindness and love to give you strength and guide your actions.

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