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My Personal Pandemic Precautions and Preparations Pharmacy.

My Personal Pandemic Precautions and Preparations Pharmacy.

I keep these things on hand for prevention and treatment!

Guna Citomix and Guna Virus 5 -2 x/day

Guna flu -for acute symptoms I have on hand

Core-S by Biopure Minerals includes Zinc for mineral repletion

Methy-Assist for B-vites

Buffered C..sodium ascorbate I have on hand.. Powdered for high dose use if needed for acute Covid

Liposomal Glutathione- I have on hand to use if needed

Yu Ping Feng San Modified..Chinese herbal formula to boost immune and ward off viruses. I am using this daily now as I am going back to work.

Rhodiola, propalis and food grade Hydrogen Peroxide for use with a nebulizer for hypoxia and difficulty breathing.

MMS or chlorine dioxide for use if necessary to kill pathogens, for acute treatments

D3 and K2 for immune function

Liposomal Vitamin C - on hand for acute treatment

Guna Sleep -I keep on hand for times when I need help sleeping. It

balances melatonin and serotonin axis for better sleep cycles.

“Red Door”- Chinese formula for stress and anxiety, crazy dream filled nights

“Free and easy wanderer” for stress that goes toward irritability

Fulvic and Humic minerals for easy to digest minerals

Dr. Sinatra’s Lung and Bronchial support with quercetin for lung inflammation

Apo-Pulm an Renelix..drainage remedies for lung and kidneys if needed

Wobenzyme or proteolytic enzymes to break down the protein coating on the virus

Anti - viral herbs such as garlic or elderberry or olive leaf extract for the early stages of viral well as Chinese herbal formulas such as “Yin Qiao san”…there are many antiviral herbs out there.

One of the more important herbal formulas is Xiao Chai Hu Tang for the Shao Yang Pivot ( the liver gall bladder).

This formula takes stress off of the liver. It helps take stress off of the lungs by emptying the garbage can of the liver. It helps people detox effectively. Is good for those stages of the disease when there are alternating fever and chills. It is especially good for the post covid syndrome where people get reoccurring fevers and malaise.

I do keep Acetaminophen on hand as well as Pseudoephedrine for my personal use, if neccessary for pain inflammation and to open the lungs.

Some of these things I have in stock. Some I can order for you. And some you can go to my Wellevate website and order there. Go to the products page on my website. You’ll get a 15% discount and free shipping over $49.99.

Stay well and safe!

Thanks Lisa

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