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Corona Virus

Besides washing your can reduce your chances of getting the flu by keeping your internal inflammation down. This means avoiding inflammatory foods like sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, nuts and processed foods. No smoking!

Keeping up with your vitamin D is important through the winter. Getting some sunshine helps boost your immune! Drink plenty of water.

There are plenty of anti-viral herbs and supplements available. L-Lysine, olive leaf extract, garlic, Total V-Rx, Virescence, Elderberry, Vitamin C and many others..Guna Virus and Citomix. Chinese Medicine has it's share of antiviral herbs and formulas too..Yin Qiao San, Ban Lan Gen, Gan Mao Ling.. Homeopathy has Alfa CF...and many others.

Other therapies like Ozone Therapy will kill off many infections too.

Keeping your body alkaline with deep breathing, lemon water, bancha twig tea and umeboshi plum, sodium bi-carbinate, mineral water...These too can be helpful.

Staying healthy means staying in balance. Not too much work or play...Keeping your diet healthy, getting outside, reducing stress...meditation..and all of your self care therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic, sauna, walking, exercise...The usual.

You can order these supplements from the Wellevate store on our products page..Or you can call for a consultation..long distance or local and

I will give you some personal recommendations!

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