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Low testosterone ruining your self esteem?

Hey guys!!!...All you middle aged guys that are overweight and suffering from low Testosterone..Your remedy is in your food. If you lose weight and get into ketosis for awhile you can burn off that fat and those estrogen containing and inflammatory cells that are causing you aches and pains, poor sleep and impotence. You don't have to to ride a one way train toward aging and poor health. But you need to get into a fat burning diet for awhile. You'll see your woodies come back as well as having more energy, less pain, better mood and better sleep. Getting rid of the beer or other alcohol,

wheat, sugar and most carbs for awhile will allow your body to metabolize that extra weight. SO eat meat and veggies..I have seen people lose weight with a really good vegetarian diet as long as they stay away from processed foods and eat enough protein..beans and grains and veg...So I believe you can attain good health outcomes with various diets..but since most guys like to eat might as well do the meat and low starch veggie approach..You can find more info online..or call us for more info and I can guide you toward a healthier you in this new year!

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