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What's the cosmic meaning of 2020!?!

Happy Holidays and Best wishes New Year!

12:12 full moon was so powerful

full of spirit..endings and beginnings being supported with grace

the last full moon before the solstice

the yin within the yin

the brightest yin moon within the darkest night

while the plant spirits are quiet and in dormancy, it is easier to hear messages of the spirit

the moon cycles remind us of the preciousness of life and the preciousness of our time on Earth

Gather with your tribes

Give Thanks for another year and circle around the sun

take stock of all you have gathered and received

plan for the new years unfolding

remember your sacred longing and feel the seed of consciousness waiting to flourish and grow within you


ahead for the meaning of the coming 2020!?

lots of clarity of purpose in the new year and increased vision all around!

eyes all around

in both yin and yang aspects

control vs. freedom

information vs. wisdom

greater awareness and perception vs. fear and blindness

much will be revealed

curtains brought back

clarity of perception and seeing, feeling the truth

seeing, understanding, being

awareness will deepen

sharper vision will also bring chaos and possible greater understanding of paradox

all for healing

separating the wheat from the chaff

distinctions will become more subtle and obvious

details versus the over all good will become more obvious

greater psychic abilities will increase in visual form

many will be having visions!

we will also be asked to see the forest from the trees and consider long range versus up close vision and planning

we will be asked to incorporate a broader vision of ourselves and the whole vs. the detail of it's parts

like the owl who can see all around we will be given the opportunity to see all things and then decide how to act

it should be a colorful time with great clarity and vision

great for the visual arts in any medium

increased frequency

adaptation, creativity and flexibility is key for survival and continued growth

woo hoo!!!!! it's a great time to be seen

transform like a butterfly and come out

life's a parade and it's full color

life and art will continue to exchange messages

grab your purple crayon, your easel, your hair brush,

create and

be seen

This year is the year to do it!

We'll all be watching!!!

Be seein' ya!

Peace! the New Year 2020!

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