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Higher or lower self?

The human spirit is activated daily through our nervous system by stimulus… to a higher or a lower state. It can go either way..toward the higher self or the lower self…Images, feelings, music, art, media, thoughts, memories, stories can and do push us toward feeling better or worse and toward a higher or lower state of consciousness.

In this time of great change there seems to be two polarities…Grab and go..steal and plunder. Fear, greed and control…..OR cooperative and collective sharing, trust, compassion, self determination, and love,

Many people are yearning for a more positive vision of what is possible and are sad and depressed because they can find no vision of their higher self, reflected back to them in the world. Other people are charged by the strong input toward the negative self which seems to offer some change from the commonly dulled mirror of reality of these times.

I urge you to find and keep to those thoughts images, people, places and things that call you to your higher self..The stuff that makes you feel good, worthy true and deeply connected to your heart and highest mind. Go toward the things that offer progress and cooperation, trust and goodness.

Let go of all images, things, people, ideas that make you feel dis-empowered, fearful or lost.

If you are feeling any of those things the media has done it’s job and you need to change your input..

Find what makes you feel good and strong and healthy and connected to your best tribe and highest self..and Mother Earth!

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