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Day of the dead..All Saints Day

On this Day of the Dead or All Saints Day, it is good to remember our ancestors. Family heritage can be a mixed bag of privilege and baggage, of spiritual inheritance and spiritual burden. In your family prayers and meditations is good to give Thanks for just being here, just being alive..for with out your ancestors you wouldn't be here..It is good to give thanks for all of the goodness you have inherited, your physical body, your smarts, your brown eyes,what ever goodness or value you have received from your family..It is also important to let go of any inherited burdens... shame, violence, abandonment, betrayal, poverty, sickness, powerlessness, failure, addiction, judgement..let go of anything that is a spiritual or psychological burden on you. Let it go and giveback responsibility to those involved. Release old familial patterns that do not serve you. You may have been asked by your incarnation to help clear them and heal them, but you need not carry their burden. Give up the ghosts of old family drama and release them to the angels or the divine who can carry your burden.

Realize we are all hear to heal what we can and carry forth the goodness inside. On this day of the dead give thanks to your ancestors and carry forth the positive dream and seed of love that lies within.

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