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My Essential Companion and Herbal Medicine study guide is available for purchase!

This book was created after many years of clinical supervision at The Won Institute. If you want the essential information needed to pass your boards and get started in the field of herbal medicine, this book is for you. Even if you have passed your boards, this is a concise condensed data point on each herb and each formula in the Chinese Medicine Materia Medica.It has extra sections on Adaptogenic herbs and herbs for treating Lyme disease and other latent heat pathogens! There is a section on symptoms, an alphabetical list of formulas, a list of herbal foods, resins, flowers and stones. There is a section on the translated names of patent formulas, individual herbs functions and indications as well as formulas by category and comparisons of similar formulas.Are you an herbal medicine practitioner? You can't be with out it!! Call today! Taking orders now!

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