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Daily Clearing: Invisible

Daily Clearing: Today we will focus on letting go of the stress related to the feeling of "invisible." Many people feel that they are not being seen fully by their family, friends, society or government. We may be socially isolated or not acknowledged. We may not have received an adequate diagnosis from our doctors. We may not have had our facts heard or justice deserved. Today we will let go of the stress related to the feeling of being invisible and trust that we will be seen to ourselves and by those that matter. Our symptoms will be recognized. Our place in society and in the family will be witnessed and be honored. We will allow ourselves to be seen, if we have played invisible before. We will trust that being seen is safe. We allow ourselves to take our rightful place at the table to be seen with dignity and respect. We honor ourselves and therefore can be seen by others. It is safe to be who we really are and we will be seen.

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