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Detoxification is like cogs in a wheel engine machine not working properly!

I was listening to Dr.Chris Shade last night on a webinar. He is the master of detoxification. His company Quicksilver Scientific has the best tests for mercury and heavy metal toxicity in the world! They differentiate between inorganic mercury and methyl mercury and the ratios between the hair, urine and blood levels, which measure the body's ability to naturally eliminate and auto detoxify. He has a line of products that help each stage of the detox process.There are many similar products on the market. He specializes in liposomal glutathione and liposomal products to help your body detox. My favorite of his products is called IMD. Intestinal Metal Detox. It is a form of silica that binds mercury in the gut to be eliminated through the stool. One of his concerns is leaky gut, because if your gut is permeable, you will be recycling your toxins instead of pooping them out. This snowballs into inflammation and increases toxicity leading to disease. Two new things he said came to mind for recent and general clients of mine. That is, if you have exercise intolerance, you may have leaky gut. Exercise intolerance is when you feel worse after aerobics, like head ache or other hang over like symptoms..For many reasons including exercise, certain factors open up the cell wall junctions in the gut allowing toxins to be reabsorbed. The other interesting thing was that if you have frequent urination, not linked to typical causes of UTI or hormonal changes, it could be from a body burden of mercury in the kidneys causing stress and poor glomeruler filtration.The micro-tubuals in the kidneys become clogged and inflamed with mercury, causing poor but frequent urination. One other thing he does not mention in his talks, is that toxins can back up from the liver and gall bladder into the lungs.This is well known in Chinese medicine and Western medicine research. If there is toxicity in the liver it can affect the lungs and correlate to allergies and asthma etc..The other thing is that certain medications like antihistamines, birth control pills, steroids and others damage the gut lining. In our toxic world, detoxification is key to health. It's not as simple as going to the health food store and buying a liver detox. You have to have good guidance. You have to heal the gut first! You have to have the drainage organs in your body functioning. You have to have the elimination pathways secure. In essence all the cogs in the wheel of metabolism and elimination have to be supported and optimized. We can help..If you have any questions call today!

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