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The extraordinary becomes ordinary in the practice of holistic medicine

Seeing energy and feeling energy, moving energy all seem like the abilities of super heroes, ninjas or sci-fi characters.. I do that everyday in my holistic medical practice. The study of Shiatsu i.e. Japanese acupressure helped me develop my skills in touch long ago in my 20's. With touch you can perceive feelings, thoughts, emotions, tensions, weaknesses, strengths and other qualities in the body faster than with sight. Developing the super sensitive skills of subtle palpation helps me assess where the dysfunction is in the body of my patients including pain, tension and held emotions. Subtle palpation is a lost art due to the increase of diagnostic machines. But the human is the most advanced sensory machine. When trained well, humans can have advanced perception capabilities able to detect disease and dysfunction before it occurs.

Visual diagnosis.. reading the face, posture, hands, feet, the whole body is another skill I've developed over time to assess strengths and weaknesses in the body mind and spirit. Visual diagnosis allows me to see the processes of illness and imbalances as they develop and show signs on the physical and energetic body. This is a skill taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for centuries.

Looking at the tongue, taking the pulse, facial diagnosis and reading the energy field are extraordinary skills learned over time. They can be the purview of anyone dealing in energy medicine.

When you realize everything is energy and we are all connected through a field of energy, the skill becomes how to increase perception, learn the diagnostic parameters and develop good skill sets, interpret the signals correctly and apply good remedies. One can learn to be super sensitive by learning how to feel and see energy, meridians, perceive the chakras, read emotions and see the signals of health and disease, Just like animals can smell disease..humans can learn to perceive with extra sensory perception too.

These skills seem ordinary to me know but really they are extraordinary. These are the diagnostic skills used by the best energy medicine practitioners in any field. We all want to believe in magic. But magic is just learning the laws of nature and applying them. We all want to know the secrets of the universe. The secrets are the most simple of nature's patterns revealed. We all want to be super human and we can, by learning the basic laws of our innate capabilities.

My Tai Qi teacher is blind and his abilities have become super sensitive after he lost his sight. He has those super martial arts skills which are not based on strength but on knowing how to use the architecture and fluid energetic dynamics of the human body.

We have praised the machines and forgotten how amazing the human body can be. Our bodies are a great gift. Perception is part of our consciousness. To increase our awareness is part of our human potential. We use only small percentages of our innate skills. If we work a little harder amazing things are possible!

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