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Antihistamine side effects: and How we can help!

Natural detox is better in the long run!!!

In my opinion the problems with long term...antihistamines are severe! I have seen in my practice many chronic side effects from long term use of antihistamines...Do you have these side effects? Insomnia, irritability, infertility, pain, depression,IBS, leaky gut, digestion issues, dry eyes, dry vagina...dry everything, retinal bleed, rashes, eczema, hives? Antihistamines do their job and dry out phlegm and mucous..The problem is they dry out all of the other mucous membranes in the body...leading to the side effects mentioned above and more...They dry out the gut lining leading to leaky gut, they dry out the blood vessels leading to bleeding, they dry out the eggs leading to infertility, they dry out the yin..the cooling moistening mucosal aspects of the body, the ends of the neurons, the relaxing baby fat of your body. When the yin is depleted, then you can have irritability, insomnia, depression, knee pain, night sweats and more. The spinal discs get dry leading to herniations.It probably dries out the brain as well!..So what do you do??? You have to reduce inflammation in the body. Eliminate allergic foods. Wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, are the biggest culprits. Doing an elimination diet is the best way to determine what affects you. It's better than allergy testing.Remove all mercury fillings from your mouth. They are like leaking superfund waste sites in your body. They pollute cell receptors and slow down detoxification. Taking natural antihistamines works very well and they don't dry out everything..Quercitin is one. We have other allergy medicines that are natural and don't dry up your yin or your mucous membranes!!! Diet is first.Reduce all toxins and pollutants..and then take natural medicines that don't dry you up like the Sahara dessert.Natural detox is important and the real way to get rid of allergies.We can help you with great natural products and treatments..Don't forget acupuncture to relieve allergy symptoms!! and real Detox..not just smoothies...!!We can help you with that!!! Call us today!!!!

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