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Surprises during healing work!

Sometimes clients come in to check their health status through Autonomic Response Testing and they are surprised to find emotional blocks are stealing more of their energy reserves than they thought. We had a client come in..He was concerned about his thyroid..Well it wasn't his thyroid that was the issue, other organs were. And we found a big underlying issue about his Father who had committed suicide. We found shame and abandonment, sadness and anger. Forgiveness was part of the healing process we encouraged..Whether he was ready willing and able to forgive was left for his homework..He was amazed that these issues were big enough in his energy system to be discovered by us. These were things he didn't talk about with anyone. But they were big enough for us to discover them with ART and APN (Applied Psycho-Neurobiology). We did do some beautiful healing work about his connection with his Dad. In another client we discovered that one of his dental fillings was causing him a health issue. The power to discover and resolve these hidden factors is one of the things I love about ART work. It's instantaneous and the healing work is so gentle and filled with grace. We will be doing more of this kind of work in The Healing Journey Class coming upon Sundays in October or you can schedule an appointment with us for this kind of gentle healing work.

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