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The Emotional World Wide Web

One unexpected, unrecognized side effect of the world wide web is that we are emotionally connected to everyone around the globe. We know that we are connected to events and people through news media but we don't often recognize or acknowledge that we are also emotionally and spiritually connected in a feeling sense to every one's everything. Many people feel overwhelmed by the news media, not only because it can be false, manipulative, political and or negative..But because we are overloaded with the world's emotional crises. We have the opportunity to feel everything much more now that we are connected via the web. We see, hear and feel so much stuff going on all over the world...Even if you scroll over it you still see it. Many people I know, patients, clients, friends feel bombarded and overloaded with images and events played out on the large and small world stage.It sort of brings a heavy unity. Being connected, just like in any relationship can bring up painful issues.. It seems the whole world is feeling the growth pains of past mistakes, ignorance, innocence, violence, abuse etc. But in the midst of it all there is still beauty in the world.There are great humans and great things happening everyday.. I align myself with the goodness of nature and the higher aspects of our humanity. I daily meditate and do emotional work to clear myself of the negative thoughts feelings and emotions I pick up from the ethers. I do think Oneness is an important concept to help us heal from the many divisions and polarities we encounter every day. We are on one planet. A little lifeboat adrift in space. I hope we can work and play together, feel our Oneness greater than our separation!

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