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10 ways to boost your immune system!

Many people think that immune systems need to be boosted or strengthened but often times they need to be detoxed instead. Many times our immune systems are overloaded like a garbage can that is too full. In this case what we really need to do is to empty the garbage can to take the stress off of the immune system.

#1 Eliminate all junk and processed foods. No sodas or sugary drinks..Eliminate sugar, pasta and processed carbs.

#2 Eat organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meats and beans as your lifestyle permits. Eat the rainbow! Lots of colorful fruits and veg!

#3 Drink clean pure water. Reduce caffeine and alcohol.

#4 Get outside. Walk in Nature. Get some sun.

#5 Get good sleep.

#6 Make sure you are flush with vitamins D, C, ZInc, Multi B's and magnesium.

#7 Reduce stress. Get a massage, acupuncture, meditate, exercise, yoga, pray. Get your self care!

#8 Tend to your relationships. Commit to safe and healthy boundaries and good communications.

#9 Make time for fun and creativity.

#10 Remember your sacred connections to the Earth and Spirit. Keep the sacred alive in your life!


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