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Healing with the Rainbow Light

• March 17-18, 2022 is the Sacred Hindu Festival of Holi which celebrates color as a manifestation of consciousness. Colored powder is thrown around on and between the celebrants. This joyous celebration of color reminds us that color comes from light. Light is life and life is consciousness. • Emotional Adaptogen Therapy uses color to access the emotional energy blocks that are stealing your vital life force. Trauma, healthy emotions and ancestral memories are encoded into your body and DNA. • Color helps to access memory files by docking on receptors and opening up the memories. • We can access the information encoded in your DNA for better health outcomes and a better life! • We use color in pain therapy too, because emotional and physical pain share the same part of the brain. • Try Emotional Adaptogen Therapy-Healing with Rainbow Light. Call today! • Check out the class teaching this therapy April 9.10th, in Horsham, Pa. • Registration by email or phone 908-414-0769


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