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Kasey Smith is joining the practice!

Kasey is joining the Lisa Baas Healing Arts Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. She is taking over while I am out on leave. Please call the office and ask for Kasey to call you back!

Kasey Smith is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Pennsylvania, certified by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine.  She received her Master's Degree and Doctorate in Acupuncture Studies from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies.  

Before studying acupuncture Kasey studied philosophy and psychology at Moravian College, and went on to receive her MA in Environmental Policy from Lehigh University.  Kasey is also a certified yoga instructor and enjoys teaching yoga, meditation, and qigong.

Some words from Kasey:

"I grew up within a family that emphasized a reverence for nature and our place within it.  This included an understanding and use of natural healing modalities, and a holistic view of the self which aligns well with the Eastern Medicine I am now practicing.

I am continuously fascinated by the many years of wisdom inherent in the practice of acupuncture.  The relief I found through acupuncture myself for several reasons including pain and anxiety was reminiscent of the relief I found through hiking or meditation, which encouraged me to study it further. The study of acupuncture provided me an avenue for healing which I am grateful to be able to walk down with others."


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