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New 2024 Workshops

I have learned when running the Klinghardt Academy from 2010 to 2020, it is common for practitioners to attend several classes to study and practice to become confident and proficient in muscle testing skills. I’ve also witnessed that our certified practitioners who use muscle testing daily with accuracy for years and have developed their own style and streamlined the techniques and are the ones best equipped to teach on the level necessary to learn and retain the skills. Due to overwhelming interest and questions, we are pleased to offer two spring workshops to help you with your muscle testing techniques and advanced diagnostic skills, along with the Emotional clearing work. Proficiency cannot be attained online. Our recent attendees attest to this. You asked- We listened.

Please consider attending the below workshops. It will be well worth your time to come.


- Two date options this Spring

MARCH 2, 2024 and / or APRIL 6, 2024

Fee: $195

Time: 9am-4 pm

Location: 5930 Hamilton Bldg, Ste 102, Allentown, PA

Instructor: Lisa Baas,L.Om and Team

LEARN The TIPS AND TRICKS from our seasoned practitioners to help YOUR MUSCLE TESTING technique to flow easily and efficiently. At this class you will fine tune your skills to give you the confidence necessary in your assessment outcomes.


Practice and Review your Skills with seasoned Certified Practitioners Guiding you every step of the way – Personally- and in small groups.

Simplify the overwhelming information into basic concepts to trust your testing outcomes and make your testing flow quicker and easier.

Come together with other practitioners to learn and share. We will review our basic protocols and please come with your questions. This is how you become proficient with your skills. We are here to help you with our group of like-minded practitioners who regularly network together and are accessible to continue supporting you after you have learned with us.

Please bring your own water bottles, snacks and a bagged lunch.

Practice DVD’s, Slide Sets, Tools, Charts and Protocol Manuals are also available.

Special Tool Pricing and Discounts for attendees.

Register Early-Limited to 6 attendees. Only a few spots remain.

Call to register and secure your spot.


There is no online registration – for details and registration info,

Contact Debbie Floyd. Call 908-414-0769


New Workshop developed to help you with your testing skills. You asked- We listened.

SUNDAY MARCH 3, 2024 and / or SUNDAY APRIL 7, 2024

Fee: $195.00

Time: 9am -4 pm,

Location: 5930 Hamilton Blvd, Ste 102, Allentown, PA

Instructor: Lisa Baas, L.Om and Team

A One Day Workshop offered the day after the Practice Day above-

(consider attending both)

Learn more ways our certified practitioners incorporate to assess patients with subtle energy medicine skills.

We are sharing our pearls with you!

Fine tune and unleash your intuitive senses with patients.

Put the full techniques of Muscle Testing, Emotional clearing and using your innate intuition to assess and build a personal protocol for your patients.

Course content: Learn multiple energetic diagnostic techniques including,

• visual and energetic diagnosis,

• Unresolved or hidden emotional diagnosis

• pulse and tongue diagnosis

• and subtle palpation skills.

• Learn to detect the tendency for mental emotional imbalance before it manifests in illness.

• Assess Emotion, organ health, and energy dynamics.

• Bring new awareness to your muscle testing skill set.

• Personal Practice Team one on one

These are noninvasive skills you will obtain to see, feel and perceive the overall health of the body and nervous system.

Learn to incorporate these subtle energy medicine techniques into your practice for better outcomes with patient satisfaction.

Discounts for attendees- Tools, Slide Sets, Manuals, Charts and DVD’s are also available for purchase at DHS.

Contact us for list of tools available.

We can guide you on the essentials or what individually would help you learn.

Register Early-Limited to 9 attendees Call to register and hold you spot.

. Please bring your own water, snacks and a bagged lunch.

There is no online registration – for details and registration info

Contact Debbie Floyd for details. Glad to guide you with questions. Call 908-414-0769


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