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Food Hangover?

One of the ways I can tell if my system is inflamed is, neck and finger pain and swelling of my sinuses and face. If I’ve eaten things that I know are inflammatory for me: bread, cheese, wine, I can get stiff neck, stiff fingers, sinus congestion, and a swollen face. While many people feel like these are typical symptoms, they’re kind of like a hangover. They are your body telling you that it’s having a hard time detoxing. The first step is reducing or removing those things from your diet. The second step is healing your gut. I recommend Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration protocol. It helps with so many other issues like headaches, allergies, eczema and asthma. So many of these things can be linked with food sensitivity and leaky gut. I also recommend peptides for immune boosting and gut healing. Self-care is the new health care. Contact me when you are ready to feel better! Feel better today!



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