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Healing Psychic Noise

Can you hear the psychic noise? It feels like a loud din, a static buzz. Sometimes it sounds like someone yelling or weeping. You probably can’t hear it, but you feel it. It might feel like a dark cloud looming over head. It has gotten stronger since the latest war. Our own media is part of it. The war of currency includes electronic transfers on many levels.

The best remedies I find are tried and true ones. Breath deep and long. I met a man recently who lost 75 pounds by doing breath work 2 hours a day. His teacher is a breatharian. Get outside! Get some sun! Re-connect with the Earth! Let Mother Nature heal and enliven you. Go outside after the storms when the air is freshest. Morning sun and air is best. Clear and clean your energy with high quality food, good community, meditation and prayer. Choose your thoughts wisely. Let go of fear. Reconnect with your deepest knowing and wisdom. Speak your truth gently. Focus on what you can control. Remember the serenity prayer. Focus on what brings balance in natural ways and supports the natural processes of the Earth. Use natural medicine. Engage in life in the best way that makes sense for who and where you are. These things will last through the changes that are happening in us and with the system.

Remember the healing power of love and forgiveness.


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