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Daily Clearing

Today’s Clearing is regarding the feeling of doubt and the healing word purpose. At one time or another, we all have had the feeling of doubt. We doubt ourselves, life’s meaning and our place. We doubt God. We split off from our original intent and forget our divine calling. We get confused and distracted. We wander through life. But when we realign to our divine purpose and our original intent for being here, we come into our power. If we can let go of the doubt, let go of the little or big voices that cause us to split off from spiritual ourselves, then we come into divine alignment. If we can heal the split from our true selves, the moment where we lose the power of our authenticity, we can remember our purpose. So be bold. Reclaim your authenticity, your intention, your vision and purpose. Remember you are a child of God/ less than the stars.. Remember why you came here. Let go of doubt. You are meant to be here now. Remember, no matter how humble or how great, you have a purpose.


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