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8 Weeks to a Better You!

8 Weeks to Transformation. $1500

This transformational treatment package will address all of the major factors to take you from feeling blah to feeling great! Are you struggling to feel better? Weekly sessions will reset your body mind and spirit for greater vitality, better mood, better sleep and increased energy. 8 weeks will make you feel young and alive again!

The package includes:

Restoring Gut health

Energizing Scar tissue, injuries and traumatized areas

Balancing meridians and organs

Supporting Structural integrity

Regulating the microbiome

Opening Detox pathways

Transforming Emotional blocks and resetting spiritual pathways to higher self!

Each week you will receive these cleansing, balancing, nourishing and energizing treatments to reset your body mind and spirit!

8 weeks will include your personalized dietary guidance, supplement protocols for supporting vitality (supplements Not included), body work and energy medicine, acupuncture and supportive therapies. You won’t find this kind of package anywhere else! Why wait? Doing nothing will give you the same result-feeling bad. 8 weeks Transformation will get you where you want to be in life. Your family will be glad you did. Call to Sign up today for the 8 week Transformation Program. Now is the time to feel better! Lisa’s been helping people for over 40 years. Her unique combination of experience, skill and intuition can get you feeling great!



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