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Escapism, Extremism, Self Punishment and Trust

I continually work to clear myself from unwanted non-beneficial energies. Since we are all connected in a sea of energy, we pick up vibrations from peoples, places and events all over the world and even the universe. Maybe you just inhaled a molecule that came all the way around the world from someone suffering in Syria and now you are feeling some unexpected anxiety or dread. I call these “psychic drive by shootings.” We all are sensitive beings, whether you call yourself an empath or not, we all pick up “vibes. It’s our survival mechanisms and higher intelligence working. Most people’s perceptions are greater than their awareness, meaning they are picking up energies but not recognizing what they are.

We are a giant antenna but we haven’t figured out how to decode the messages.

As a sensitive person who has worked to hone my perception and awareness skills, I have developed ways to bring to my conscious mind what is hiding there and how to dive and dowse into the collective unconscious. These days, I experience a collective escapism, extremism mixed with some self-punishment.

The escapism is clear. We want to escape the pressures of the pandemic, the economy, all of the psychological pressures the media, the large systems that hurt us and whatever personal challenges and struggles we are fighting.

Extremism is abundant in this polarized media and political environment where we are encouraged to blame someone who does not look or act like us. We are victims of a political media environment that is bent on setting us against one another and keep us diverted from acting in our own larger self-interest.

This is where the self-punishment comes in. Because we believe we are separate. We believe we can act in a limited self-interest that does not include the whole…the whole country and the whole world. It is obvious we live on a small planet that has limits. We are all affected by everything. We are small parts of a big whole. And if we want to survive, we have to act in a harmonious way with the whole. If we fight against one another, we are fighting with ourselves. We are battling a pandemic now that obviously demonstrates we are all connected on this planet. The climate also signals to us our common peril, if we do not work toward cooperation and harmonious systemic balance, justice and innovation.

Why are we hurting and punishing each other, when we could live in harmony and peace?... if we chose it! We can reconcile with our injustices and ignorant past, if we chose in the present, to live in peace and justice and harmony together with all humanity and Earth’s creatures.

As I dowse into the healing energies needed to guide us through this escapism, extremism and self-punishment, I get …the healing energy of trust. I guess I have to trust in myself..get out of fear and to do the right thing. I have to trust in the goodness of Earth and trust that life is good. I have to trust in my fellow human beings to wake up and do the right thing. I have to trust that balance will come.

In a world where it is hard to trust the news I have to trust in the most basic common sense of goodness and the most basic truths I can imagine.

I want peace. I want clean air, water and food. I want a government for the people and by the people. I want fairness and justice for all peoples. I want sustainable safe, technologies that do not harm or intrude on my freedoms and basic human rights. I want technologies and systems to benefit all, not just the few. I want safety in all products and technologies. I want to protect mOther Earth and all creatures. I want to find the simplest solutions that benefit all on Earth. There is more…

So allow these energies of “escapism”, “extremism” and “self-punishment” to come into your consciousness. Bring them into the forefront of your personal awareness and mediations and ask yourself how are these things affecting me? How am I engaging in these energies? How can I clear them? How can I address escapism? extremism and self-punishment?

How can I give myself better selfcare? Can I address what I have been avoiding? Can I meet extremism with gentleness? Where can I find common ground with others that seem to be the opposite of me? Where can we all find common ground? What is in our collective self-interest?

Then allow your psyche to release all negative thoughts feelings and emotions. Tell your body, mind and spirit to let them go. Allow trust..beginning with yourself, to meet what the present moments bring with grace and aplomb.

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