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New Spagyric and Biodynamic herbal medicines available!

At our Living Arts Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine office, we have some new, super cool herbal medicines from two companies Physica Energetics and Erbenobili. These products are internationally known, high quality tinctures coming from Canada and Italy. Additionally these remedies are wild sourced and handcrafted using age old techniques such as hand succussing and spagyric methods. These organic botanical tinctures use biodynamic farming practices to ensure the highest quality that only comes from small family farms. These have been added to our already unique pharmacy of high quality herbal medicines and remedies and great companies such as Guna, Pekkana, BioPure, Avena, Mayway, Pure Encapsulations, DesBio, Standard Process and Briotech. We are your source for innovative and natural healing methods and products! Many of these products are only available in the office and not found on the web, not even on our web store yet. So, call to make an appointment for acupuncture or herbal consultation today and get the best in natural medicine!

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