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Healing PTSD

These new PTSD stamps highlight the reality that we have all been stressed, shocked and traumatized by recent events. It's important to note that this image depicts young new growth. We can restore and recuperate from stress and trauma given the right environments including love, support, recognition, justice and respect. The first step is acknowledging trauma and supporting survivors. We should give ourselves a lot of slack and credit if we haven't totally lost it during this stressful time. And if we have forgive ourselves for our mistakes. Stress puts pressure on all of our weakest links and sensitive areas. One of my patients calls her impaired ability to function properly covid-brain. While dealing with trauma, much of our energies go toward survival, so there is little energy for much else. If you are feeling that you have less mental or physical energy during this time, recognize it as a side effect of stress and trauma, give your self some space and allow your body to do what it needs to rest and recuperate.

Acupuncture and herbs can be very helpful for restoration of rest and digest in your system. Our emotional balancing work is also great for releasing old negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Call today! Feel better today!

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