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Today's Clearing: Violence>>>Sincerity

Today’s Daily Clearing:

The word and feeling for today’s clearing is “violence”…The healing word is “sincerity”.

Several definitions of violence appear in the dictionary….. “a physical force or unlawful exercise of force intended to hurt or damage or kill; ….. a destructive natural force”…

For the healing word “sincerity”.. the definition is … “being free from pretense, deceit and hypocrisy”

These days it is easy to feel the destructive natural force potential as well as unlawful exercise of force. The potential violence of sickness and our response to it has the potential to haunt most of us. Both potentials exist. As does the antidote..

Within the healing word Sincerity we find “being free from pretense, deceit and hypocrisy.” We are being called to be truly honest about who we are and where are.

There is great potential for violence and abuse of power. There is potential for opportunistic violence in the form of lying, greed, hoarding, scape-goat ism etc. There is also great potential for sincerity, honesty, open book sharing, open sourcing, coming clean and divulging what has been previously hidden.

There is great potential to speak your truth in an honest, gentle and grounded way. There is great opportunity to drop any activities that have created 'violent’ outcomes for you. Violent in this way, meaning anything that has belittled you or caused you to be inauthentic, weakening your truth or caused you to create a false narrative of who you are.

We are called to be ourselves truly, without pretense, to fully inhabit who we are.

Anything but truth causes incoherence in your body, mind, spirit, causing internal chaos and weakening your energy field.

So the healing sentence for today is.. “Even though I have been jammed up with fears of violence, pretense and hypocrisy…I embody sincerity in my body mind and spirit. I embody truthfulness and honesty. I stand for transparency and honesty in my personal being as well as holding my leaders to account for theirs. I release all fears of dishonesty, deceit and lying. I ask my friends, family community and country to do the same. Honesty is the best policy. We can handle the truth. The truth will set us free. I am sincere in my thoughts, actions and deeds. The truth begins with me.”

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