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Pain Solutions Lecture and Demo February 15, the office!

Pain solutions are closer than you think! Many people do not know the options available to them to treat their pain. Learn about Acupuncture, Dolphin Neurostim, Acu-magnets, laser therapy, CBD, Guna, PEMF, Autonomic Response Testing and more. Lecture and demonstrations available for participants! Trying to get off pain meds? We offer solutions for you too. What are the many factors that cause pain and how you can change them? How can you change your brain to stop pain? What lifestyle changes can you make in structure, diet and stretching? How your microbiome affects your pain..How to create a pain free lifestyle with therapeutic treatments that can quickly reduce and eliminate your pain! What supplements and topicals really work? If you haven't tried the above list of therapies you haven't tried everything! Reserve by 2/12/20! $20.00..includes demo..Call 610.841.9300

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