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What do I eat for breakfast on an elimination diet?

One of the most asked questions when starting an elimination diet, besides what is an elimination diet ?... is.....

Breakfast of Champions!

What do I eat for breakfast?

So an elimination diet is recommended when people have any kind of allergy , digestion issue, skin rash, head ache, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, depression, neurological illness, pain or any other kind of inflammatory condition..The list is long!.

Essentially we are trying to eliminate all factors that cause inflammation in the gut that lead to inflammation in the rest of the body.

So we recommend eliminating for 8 weeks all dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, corn, soy, tree nuts, fish and shell fish, alcohol, all processed foods and sometimes coffee.

Basically that means eating meat and vegies and a few fruits... or... whole grains like rice, quinoa beans and vegies with a few fruits.

Some people thrive on a keto type diet and others prefer the vegan or vegetarian type and some people can mix and match.

So when it comes to breakfast I have two recommendation..For the meat some kind of protein.. eggs, salmon, beef, what ever and some an omelet or on the side..steamed or stir fried or cooked somehow ... (not raw!!!... especially in the cooler winter months!!) Avoid shakes and smoothies as well!! unless you chew them 100 x and/or take them at room temperature!

I like poached eggs with steamed baby bok choy, with a little vinegar and mirin and some kim chi!

Or, Eat a warm porridge for the oatmeal with fruits and seeds .. Or rice porridge with vegies..and miso and scallions..Basically making a vegie soup (non tomato broth) add cooked rice or oats..cook until thick..add miso and scallions to taste.

The Asian's call it Congee..the Ayurvedic's call it Kitchari. It can be made with corn meal, rice, oats and other grains. All cultures have some sort of grain soup which is healing for the digestion and whole body.

You can mix it up as you like with what ever fruits and veg you want.

You can add meat or protein to the soup..chicken rice, beef barley, lentils and rice, dahl etc... the heartier the better in the winter! and lighter in the spring and summer depending on your constitution and energy output.

So those are my quick suggestions for what to eat for breakfast on an elimination diet or anytime.. Of course each person's protocol has to be tailored to them specifically but this is a good general recommendation for all!

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