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Inflammation and factors that turn up the heat of disease and dysfunction!

In my opinion if you want to understand modern diseases you have to understand inflammation. Inflammation is what most modern diseases stem from. So what are the factors that cause inflammation?

  • Food sensitivities and allergies: We often suggest our patients investigate Elimination Diets to help determine these issues...

  • Microbial imbalance, hidden infection and stealth pathogens

  • Environmental toxins, metals, plastics and other foreign chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, PFOAS, glyphosate etc.

  • Structural imbalances, bones out of alignment cause stress on muscles, nerves, organs and stress homeostasis of the whole system

  • Electromagnetic stress, EMF’s, electromagnetic stress causes cell dis-regulation and hormonal imbalance. It disrupts melatonin and it’s free radical scavenging capabilities

  • Emotional issues, mental and spiritual conflicts drain the body of energy required to stay healthy and fight disease

  • Meridian and organ imbalances from stress, life, injury trauma and diet can weaken the organ and meridian metabolism function and resource. For example intestinal permeability or leaky gut with entero-hepatic stagnation will lead to a thousand diseases from allergies and asthma to eczema, fibroids, phlegm nodules and a million other inflammatory processes

  • Scar tissue is a huge dis-regulator of the body’s meridian and organ system. Scar tissue can block normal cell action potential, paralyzing the cellular metabolism, creating low battery cellular charge which can inhibit waste removal, blocking nourishment causing poor circulation, pain, edema, swelling. Scars can short-circuit the regulatory electromagnetic pathways of the organs and meridians.

  • Dental issues can transmit toxicity and infection to other organs and systems

  • Genetic predisposition can make a person energetically less able to adapt if the other factors are already stressed

So when assessing disease and dysfunction we consider all of these factors in the creation of inflammation and disease. These factors are pivotal entry ways into the body’s over all functioning. Changes made in these areas can have a dramatic effects on health and healing.

Our treatments include a variety of skills and techniques listed here on the blog and on this website. On occasion we may refer you out to our trusted colleagues. We pride ourselves in tying together all of the seemingly unrelated and mysterious symptoms. We can offer you a comprehensive evaluation and assessment and many effective treatment options.

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