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Breast health

Do you want to reduce you breast cancer risk? Do these things…

Eat a diet low in saturated fat. Dairy products come from the mammary glands of the cow and have an affinity for our human mammary glands. Fat soluble toxins and radiation get concentrated into milk. Women having a 30% body fat index tend to store fats for the nourishing of babies. We absorb and store those toxins in our fat cells and our reproductive areas. Therefore we need to eat only organic dairy. Goat dairy is easier to digest and less inflammatory. Reducing dairy is a good idea.

Keep your weight down…For the reason stated above. It is important to keep our circulation and metabolism efficient keeping the extra weight down. Adipose tissue, fats cells are inflammatory time bombs creating cascades of inflammatory processes in the body. Inflammation is the Mother of all diseases including cancer. Eat a more vegan diet. More organic vegetables, whole grains, beans, lean meats, small fish. Organic miso is known to help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Exercise to keep your metabolism efficient to digest extra fats.

Maximize the efficiency of your liver and gall bladder. The liver and gall bladder are major detox organs for the breasts. The liver and gall bladder meridians run right through the breasts, as does the stomach meridian reinforcing the dietary connection to the breasts. One can keep the liver and gall bladder clear by reducing fats and toxins. Increase metabolic action of the liver and gall bladder by exercise, eating live foods rich in enzymes, colorful vegetables and everything organic! You can take bitters, milk thistle, dandelion, gentian, and bupleurum to help liver function. Beets and radish and the herb pinellia rhizome help the gall bladder. Detox regularly through fasting and balancing your diet to reduce the stress on the liver and gall bladder. Take raw juices, wheat grass and other live raw foods to help liver function and help clean the blood.

Reduce alcohol intake. Of course alcohol taxes the liver and is really a poison to the body so keep your intake low.

Reduce your viral load and microbial load. Many cancers are associated with viral and microbial load. Specific viruses are often found in cancerous breast tissue. Reducing viral load can be done with the help of your acupuncturist or naturopath. Antiviral herbs and supplements, homeopathics, low dose medicines and antiviral diets can help. Microbes create inflammation as well as create neuro-toxins, immuno-toxins and cyto-toxins. They poison the nervous system, the immune function and the cells. The more heavy your microbial load, the heavier your toxic load. So detox from yeast, fungus, Lyme disease and other microbes with the help of your health care practitioner.

Reduce toxic load- Toxins include dental amalgams, toxic chemicals in all cosmetics, chemical cleaning products, medicines, pesticides, herbicides, lawn chemicals, dry cleaning chemicals, PFC’s, PFOA’s and processed foods. Toxins, toxins, toxins! Can we say more about detoxing from your heavy metal and environmental toxin load? Toxins harm the mitochondria of the cell, block enzyme pathways leading to poor processing of all body functions. Xeno-estrogenic chemicals mimic estrogen, wreaking havoc on our hormones. Eliminate plastics from your kitchen cookware like Teflon and plastic food storage containers. Wear natural fiber clothing. Use natural cosmetics and essential oils. Use natural cleaning products. Eliminate plastics.

Reduce radiation and microwave exposure. Get rid of your microwave. Unplug your wifi at night or go back to a hardwire system. Do not carry your cell phone on your body. Do not keep your cell phone by your bed at night. Electromagnetic stress reduces melatonin in your body, which is the body’s natural antioxidant. At night it scavenges all of your free radicals. Melatonin helps regulate the endocrine system keeping your hormone system balanced. Reduce blue light exposure and night time light pollution Have your home checked for electromagnetic stress especially, body voltage in the sleeping area. Connect with a Building Biologist to test your home! Consider using thermography to replace or in addition to mammography.

Get outside! Being in nature helps detox us. It helps us reabsorb Earth energy and re-syncs us to Earth's natural rhythms. The sun helps burn up fats and energizes all of the body processes. It re-establishes natural rhythms and frequencies of all organs and hormones.

Check your emotions! Get therapy! Set Safe and Healthy Boundaries! Many cancer patients have suffered some kind of loss recently or in their past. Undigested emotion, unprocessed emotions block our energy field leading to a cascade of stress hormones and altered body functions like fight and flight chemicals, cortisol etc. These have a negative effect on the body from head to toe. Get your massages, therapy, acupuncture, what ever works for you! Do yoga! Do what brings you health, healing and joy!

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