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What is the secret to success with taking Turmeric?

What is the problem with the latest health craze in Turmeric..? So everybody is taking turmeric..but what they don't realize, so often, is that to be truely effective and absorbable you have to take it with ginger and better yet black pepper..This synergistic combination makes turmeric much more bioavailable and highly absorbable, which means you can actually digest it...and make it work for you with it's anti-inflammatory and blood moving properties. The other thing to note is that research has shown that high doses of turmeric also can cause vitiligo. In India where vitiligo is very common, research showed turmeric to be the cause. So be careful when taking high doses. The other thing to ask yourself is why your body has inflammation in the first place? Is it inflammatory foods... #1, or chemicals and toxins? Doing an elimination diet is key to detecting what foods actually inflame your body..It's better than what standard allergy testing can do..A real elimination diet will tell you what your body is reacting to in real time.. We can also check you for toxins and allergic foods with Autonomic Response Testing..So be careful with any craze that comes down the pike..There are always pros and cons. A

t least discrimination is needed to decide whether something is right for you..You can always ask us to steer you in a good direction!

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