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Have you ever wanted to know what your baby is feeling, sensing, experiencing emotionally inside your belly? We have a emotional healing session called BabyTalk. We are able to communicate to Mom what the baby is feeling, what the baby is picking up from It's parents and what the baby's thoughts feelings and emotions are! It is an incredible opportunity for Mom and Dad to start understanding what the new family member is feeling and sensing about the world before they are born. We use our Psycho-Kinesiology skills to hone in on Baby's energy and emotional state! It helps parents get clearer about their role in bringing in a new soul, the dynamics of familial relationships and how to create a healthier emotional state for baby and family! This work is an extention of our emotional healing work. We have the pleasure of being able to help Moms and Dads unify and heal unresolved trauma and issues that leave emotional residues on Baby. We help clear the family line of stagnant emotional blockages and clear the way for happy and healthy individuals and families! Call today for more information about our BabyTalk sessions!

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