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Qi Gong and The Healing Sound for The Heart

Today the focus is on the healing of the heart. Back in the 1980's I studied with a Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Master Mantak Chia. He was like the Bruce Lee of Qi Gong, in that he shared many secret Qi Gong teachings that had never been taught to Westerners before. He is known for introducing the teachings of the Microcosmic Orbit, The Six Healing Sounds, the Inner Smile Mediation, Iron Shirt QI Gong, Qi Self Massage and other esoteric healings. The six healing sounds are meditative practices to energize and enliven your internal organs. I have used these practises for years and found each of them some of the most important tools for self healing I have found. The sound for the heart is "Haw". The practise is to sit or stand and make the sound "HAW" at least six times, while your arms are out stretched overhead, emphasizing the stretch on the left side to stretch your heart. While repeating the mantra you are visualizing the color red for the heart. The idea is to feel the "Haw" sound and red color vibrate through your body, while stretching to feel your left side emphasized. The sound, the color, frequency and vibration along with focus and intention stimulate the energy of the heart into healing, moving out any old stuck energy and emotion. You can do this in conjunction with the other five healing sounds as well, but we will focus on the energy of the heart in this series. The element of the heart is fire. The heart's energy is know to be transformative and transcendent. In the previous article we learned that the heart has the ability to function much like the brain with neurons and information processing ability. We also learned that the heart has the ability to amplify perception or focus feeling much like the brain has the ability to focus the mind. When we clear out the old emotional wounds of our old programming and focus on love and compassion we expand into a state of being that is open, noble and generous. Qi Gong has the added benefit of energizing the heart's physical organ, as well. It is said, in Chinese Medicine, that people with healthy hearts have good timing and rhythm in their lives. Their lives are well paced and not hurried. They have a good amount of joy and healthy relationships. As we come up to Valentine's Day many people will be assesing the state of their emotional heart. So you can now enjoy the healing sound of the heart and begin practising the qi gong teachings to enliven and heal your heart. One of the secrets of the universe I have learned is that "Energy follows thought." Where you focus your thoughts and energies is where the creative process of God or the universe will go. So be sure to focus your energies where you want the creative juices to flow...

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