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Essential Oils to chase away cold and flu!

Cinnamon, known as Gui Zhi in Chinese Medicine, is known to help with immunity by releasing the cold damp weather that can attack the body during winter time. It releases the muscle layer from cold weather and helps the body eliminate or fend off colds and flu. It can stop ear ache pain of a cold type, stop menstrual cramps, help open up the chest and help resove edema and phlegm by warming up the channels or meridians.

I love to use Young Living's Thieve's oil. The story behind the name is that the grave robbers of old used to use a mixture of oils to protect them from illness while robbing graves or the dead. One of the oils was cinnamon..the other cloves! I use Thieve's oil whenever I feel like I have a cold or flu coming on..when my neck gets tight or when I feel like I've been exposed to other people's flu germs. I dab it on the back of my neck and wrists. I have also used it when i felt like I had a cold achy ear infection starting.I just put a little in my ear and the ear ache shortly went away..I've heard people also diffuse in their homes to get rid of mold.

This herb is warming and should not be used when you have heat signs..redness, swelling, or predominantly sensations of heat with a cold or flu or vomitting.

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