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Dental Hygiene and how to keep those pearly whites...white!

There are two things I've discovered recently that have helped me with my teeth. One is MMS. MMS is the shortened name for Miracle Mineral Solution. It's actually a 50/50% mixture of MMS and citric acid and water. You gargle with it, brush your teeth with it and floss with it..It whitens and brightens teeth as well as stripping off the biofilm that acumulates on the teeth.

The other herbal remedy that helped me with a tooth infection is clove oil. Clove oil tincture helped me fight off a tooth infection by using 1/2 dropper full 2-3 x/day for about a week. It stops pain when applied directly to the tooth. It has a warm and tingly taste that reminds me of Christmas spice. It helps strengthen digeston and support the warming action of the kidneys. Cloves are also known to treat hiccups and morning sickness. So in the cold days of winter you have a few remedies to use by simply going to your spice drawer or your local health food store..

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