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Spring Flower Power

Spring flowers are some of the most potent medicines according to the Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica. Aconite warms your insides and fights off cold. Dandelion clears heat in the liver and is good for breast feeding. Violets clear infection and are good for abscessed sores and ulcers. Coltsfoot transforms phlegm stops cough. Forsythia helps with sore throat, reduces swellings and is anti-vrial. Honeysuckle is good for infections in the lower body like intestinal abscess, swellings and fever. Crocus stamens move blood. Many of these have antimicrobial properties. Knowing which part of these plants is medicinal and how to prepare them is crucial. Flower Power is real. Beauty is healing as well as soothing to the eye. I am in awe of the healing power of flowers. An example of soft power!


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