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Disease Theory and Self Care

In an article written by CNN contributor Ryan Prior, Sun June 28, 2020, Ryan interviewed Dr. David Fajgenbaum, a researcher who saved his own life by researching the re-purposing of drugs. Fajgenbaum has now turned his sights on the treatment of Covid-19 and has found some interesting theories. Since most of us, upon a positive diagnosis of Covid would be recommended to shelter at home until we can't breath, and then go to the is up to us to do our own self care until we can be seen and treated by a medical professional. One of the most notable things he mentioned which relates to pharmaceutical medicines but can be applied to self care is this..."First, the Covid-19 patients with more severe cytokine storms were more likely to need drugs targeted toward suppressing the immune system. Those with less severe cytokine storms were likely to benefit from an immune-boosting drug."SO, if you have severe symptoms and have stocked up on herbs, supplements, vitamins and OTC medicines you might do well to consider anti-inflammatories, antivirals, enzymes and treatment strategies such as ozone, UVB, and IV Vitamin C..If you have milder symptoms, you would be advised to consider immune boosters such as the usually recommended vitamins and supplements, herbal formulas and adaptogens. With complicated diseases, like Covid and SARS, symptoms can change fast. In acute phases, you may move through disease stages quickly. This would be most notable during acute reactions and severe cytokine storms..such as fever, swelling, sweating and every other extreme symptom known to accompany these diseases..So in general!!! If you have mild symptoms ..consider taking immune boosting herbs and supplements and if you have more intense side effects of this disease consider taking the antivirals, anti inflammatory herbs, supplements and medicines.This is disease theory. These are general theories and recommendations. Each persons health history and condition is different. This is not intended to replace the care of your physician but is intended to educate you on possible treatment strategies!

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