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Tans and the healing effects of sunlight !

Everybody loves a tan, but few realize the healing effects of the sun. We are always taught to be careful not to get too much sun, but your skin absorbs the sunlight as energy. Sunlight turns on the energy of your cells for greater metabolism including, cellular repair and fat burning. Sunlight also delivers vitamin D which is great for boosting immunity. Getting outside helps people ground into Mother Nature's healthy electromagnetic fields. This helps people detox from indoor pollutants and electromagnetic stress. This helps people feel energized and relax.

One of the best things you can do, is to get outside and get some sun. Be sensible. Stay out of the extreme heat and mid day sun. Cover up with hats and long sleeves. Avoid toxic sun screens. You can find safe sun screens on the Environmental Working Group's cosmetic data base website. Be sensible in the sun. Enjoy and be healthy!

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