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Mid 2020 New Prices on Adjunct Therapies!

Lisa Baas Living Arts Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is reducing prices on adjunct therapies in support of our clients during this time of hardship.

We are Your Source for Innovative Natural Healing!

Acupuncture Evaluation and Consultation - $145 Initial evaluation and consultation includes physical and energetic assessment, diagnosis, treatment and protocol suggestions including: diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine. Includes optional micro-stim, ear seeds, flow laser, gemstone, flower and aromatherapy as needed $145 initial consult $85 follow-ups;

Acupuncture with

  • Applied Psycho-kinesiology-APN Mini sessions $20-$60

  • Dolphin Neuro-stim $30

  • PEMF-pulsed electro-magnetic frequency $20

  • Shiatsu mini bodywork session 20 minutes $40

  • CES – Cranial Electro-Stim $15

  • Color Therapy $10-$30

Dolphin Neuro-Stim - The Dolphin Neuro-Stim reduces pain and inflammation quickly and effectively! It energizes the cells after trauma, injury, surgery and fatigue. It reduces scar tissue. The Dolphin recharges cellular batteries for regeneration. $60/30 minute session or $115 with acupuncture

Herbal Medicine Consultation- From Adaptogens to Antimicrobials herbs offer powerful phytonutrient complexity for meeting your body’s demands. Herbs are environmentally friendly, sustainable and non-toxic. Session includes: physical and energetic evaluation, consultation, herbal therapy protocol, diet and life style prescriptions: 30 minute session $45; 60 minutes $90, Does not include the price of the herbal medicine

Autonomic Response Therapy- Kinesiology energetically evaluates

Nutritional Support, Food Sensitivities, Micro -biome Balance, Detoxification, Emotional Regulation, Electro-Magnetic Harmony, Scar Tissue Regulation, Meridian and Organ Re-balancing.

Kinesiology tests your nervous system response to substances via bio-photon and biomechanical pathways, decoding what is beneficial and what is detrimental to you. ART is a great choice for assessing underlying factors. ART delivers detoxification, regulation and rebuilding. $295 initial/ $150 follow-up

Applied Psycho-Kinesiology. APN: APN quickly identifies the words and feelings causing your body stress and transforms it into energy for healing and integration. APN utilizes multilayered techniques to bring shifts in consciousness. Transform unhealthy emotional patterns hiding in your neural network. “What fires together wires together.” Engaging brain plasticity, it is possible to release burdensome emotions and transform consciousness. “In the beginning was the word.” $145 initial session, $85/hr follow up. Short sessions available with acupuncture $20-$60

Eye treatments for Better Vision: Micro-stim and specific reflexology points to support eye healing for floaters, dry eyes, blurry vision, glaucoma etc. $105

Cranial Energy Stimulation- CES offers brainwave integration. Subtle frequencies help balance right and left sides of brain hemispheres for better creativity, nervous system function and systemic integration. CES therapy is supportive for conditions like anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, TBI and more. Synchronize your brain. Ear clips deliver the therapy. $15/ 30 minutes

Battlefield Acupuncture Ear Seeds – Battlefield ear needles for quick pain relief- utilized by the military for severe acute pain.


Magnetic Acupuncture Treatment- 2500 Gauss magnets for quick pain relief to injuries, scar tissue, blocked meridians and de- energized areas. Magnets clear and recharge meridians and cellular polarity for increased energy metabolism leading to pain relief. $30

Omnium1 PEMF Therapy - Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Mat–delivers Earth Based magnetic frequencies. Research shows reduced inflammation and pain. The PEMF is a continuing way to help body stay pain free and disease free. PEMF is available for individual therapy sessions OR you can purchase an Omnium 1 PEMF for home use. Ask if PEMF is right for your long-term pain management. $30/ 30 minute session or $105 with acupuncture

Cold Laser Therapy - Cold laser therapy is ideal for pain, skin rejuvenation, wound healing and bio-photon regulation. Cold Laser is helpful for eczema and rashes and wrinkles. Laser delivers strong coherent light that increases circulation and reduces inflammation. Laser Acupuncture - No needles! $30/30 minutes

Bio-Energetic Treatments and Remedies – Custom treatments and remedies utilize frequency to deliver homeopathic healing. Specific to your condition, the remedies boost your natural immunity. Delivered through light wand, tinctures or applicator pad. $20

Intuitive Therapeutics - Evaluation and balancing of the bio-photon field, aura or energy body- including epigenetic influences, ancestral patterns and emotional information. Clear your bio-photon field. Cleanses, balances and re-nourishes your energy body. $150 initial/ $90 follow up; Tune up session $45 under 30 minutes with acupuncture. Long Distance Sessions Available

Animal Communication-assesses unresolved emotions in your pet and give you tools for resolving issues. $45.00

Cupping – Cupping relieves pain from muscle tension. Used by Olympic athletes, cupping is great for releasing pain and increasing circulation! $60

Chromo Therapy/ Color Therapy- Add color therapy to your treatments to enhance your healing; good for migraines, emotional balance, and brain balancing $10-$30 with acupuncture

Kids under 12- Wellness Visit $90.00 Initial intake: $45/follow up. We welcome our youngest patients for evaluation, consultation and treatment with laser, shiatsu, herbal consult, bio-energetic treatments, color and APN therapy for general balancing. Kids actually like it!

We do not bill for insurance. We are happy to send you a super bill, detailing your therapy so you may submit for reimbursement!

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