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Healing the pain that separates

Healing the pain that separates..Emotional pain often separates us from those we love. If we can trust in the intention of mutual healing, speaking and being heard, the process of gentle communication, listening and speaking our truth, exposing our painful feelings and opening to vulnerability...if we can risk healing and coming together , miracles can happen. At the end of the year, we are reminded that time is short. Days are short. Life is short. Consider whether you are ready, willing and able to make amends, do the hard work of healing and risk exposure of your deep hurts to be mended and healed. Often these unresolved emotions put stress on our energy reserves and rob us of energy for healing and living fully. In this time of of the best gifts you can give is your open heart, your truth and your gentle communication. Trust you will be heard, your feelings acknowledged and your communications will be fruitful!

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