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Today's Daily Clearing

Today's Daily clearing; Today you will release all negative thoughts and emotions surrounding the feelings of "broken"..having a broken body, coming from a broken home or system..a broken marriage, a broken bone or a broken heart. We all have been born into systems that are dysfunctional and imperfect. The world is broken. In all of its beauty and perfection there is still lots of pain and suffering as we learn our lessons. Today you will release all guilt, self doubt and shame from carrying the burden of feeling broken. Realize that we are all moving toward perfection in the eyes of the divine.....There is no blame and no shame in being as you are. Do your best. We are all moving towards a better state of realization. Duality is part of the cosmos.You can be perfect and broken at the same time. Embrace yourself. Give yourself some credit for all of your efforts. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. So today's mantra is....."Even though everything is broken..I can still completely and thoroughly love and accept my self and my life!"

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